Well, it seems almost silly and pointless to bash Michael Moore, given that he got booed quite forcefully by HOLLYWOOD.

Still, though, I can't resist when I come across something like this. David Edelstein says:
"Nothing has ever shaken my faith in my own politics like having Michael Moore in the same camp."

Everyone should take note of this background article about the Kurds, by one of my personal heros Robert Kaplan. Keep in mind this was written in 1987, before OUR first Gulf War.
Perched on isolated slopes, amid oak and mountain ash, Kurdish guerrillas known as pesh mergas ("those who are prepared to die") have in recent years wiped out whole units of Turkish and Iraqi soldiers and Iranian revolutionary guards.

As the first row of domed, yellowy hills appeared on the horizon, rippling upward from the desert floor in northeastern Iraq, my Kurdish driver glanced back at the desert, sucked his tongue in disdain, and said, "Arabistan." Then, looking toward the hills, he murmured, "Kurdistan," and his eyes lit up.

The article provides some key insight into the very special land nad people there, and why this is a unique problem that has never been solved by state lines and governments before.