Something Awful has officially reacted to DARPA IAO scary graphic...


The actual text of Iraq's letter to the United Nations.

My initial reaction was: wow, I expected a much more legal feel and much less appeal to emotions, especially through rhetorical questions.

My second thought was: interesting to see how Iraq recognizes how utterly useless the United Nations is in this whole thing, just as everyone else does, except possibly for France.

More on this later
The thing with Michael Moore is that he's really an asset to conservatives and libertarians. His rhetoric is so robotic, and his ethics so low, that his humour only falls on ears that have already been seeking it. For the rest of us, and for those somewhat undecided, his frustrated whining comes off as, well, frustrated whining, which tends to leave people with a taste of distrust lingering in their mouths.


The Las Vegas Review Journal wrote an excellent short article on today's 'gun-rights' case in the SCOTUS. I heard about the case, but something about it just wasn't quite right to me... because they're answering the wrong question.
This is tragic. Brian Barger is an EDITOR at the WASHINGTON POST, and describes his intense ordeal in the city on a recent October evening.

I love the city. I really really do. Best city in the world, in so many ways. But damn they have some problems.

Barger's actions here are highly commendable, and I think he knows it. As apolitical as the article is, you get the feeling that we may be witnessing a conversion to RKBA. If so, then, well, Welcome, Mr. Barger.
I propose all bloggers openly post that they hate the EU.


OK, gotta rant for a moment.

Reuters reports that someone is shooting up the speed cameras in London. American readers, these are like red light cameras, but even more evil. It is an example of the mistrust of the common man, the assumption that all are criminal.

A couple of comments about this article. What the Fuck is a "High-powered AIR rifle"? It's an Air Rifle! They're BB's!

Also, there's this:

" 'You often have to worry about the mentality of people who do this sort of thing,' Bryan Edwards, spokesman for the Norfolk Casualty Reduction Partnership, was quoted as saying by the Eastern Daily Press.

It's called 'Civil Disobedience,' Mr. Edwards. Who, btw, comes from yet another English Department with a scary 1984-like name.